Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Brewberry's, Ahmedabad

1, Prime Plaza,
Opposite DLA School,
NFD Circle,
079 40092200, 079 40082200

After hearing some good stuff about this cafe opened by a group of college friends, I was quite keen to visit Brewberry's especially since it was a cafe that also served non-veg.

Recently, I managed to cross it off  my wishlist.

Its a nice comfy place to sit down. There are tables that are convenient for those who want to eat a meal and sofas with low seating, for those who want to relax and enjoy a coffee. The cafe also provides board games, if you would like to just sit around enjoying the company of friends.

We were slightly hungry, so aside from the coffees - I just had a simple iced mocha (79/-). The waiter, suggested I have a BBC or something else, but I told him I wanted a simple cold coffee without ice cream or whipped cream or anything more fattening. I was reserving my calorie indulgence for french fries (45/-) and chicken nuggets. And I'm glad I did so. The coffee was light and refreshing, the french fries had a nice desi home made touch to them in the spicing and the nuggets were the best among all the food we ate here.

My sister had the coffee crunch (115/-) which was blended and topped with crushed cookies which she really enjoyed.

For the main course, we had the Mexicano Pizza wrap (125/- - which was nice and spicy) and the chicken quesedilla (which was actually made with chicken salami) Don't expect a TGIF or Ruby Tuesday kind of quesedilla and you will quite enjoy it as something different.

I'd go back for coffee and snacks, but not for a meal, as their menu is not really meant for a meal.

As a note : The hot and cold coffees at their AlphaOne Mall outlet are excellent, but they are pure veg there and don't have many snacks on offer - just the occasional sandwich and cake.

Rating : 3.5 / 5

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