Monday, February 24, 2014

Chandra Vilas, Ahmedabad

Chandra Vilas,
Near Ratanpol,
Gandhi Road,

079 22174647, 079 22146530

We had heard a lot about Chandra Vilas (oldest food joint in the city - since 1900, a large part of the restaurant was burnt down during the 2002 riots hence they operate from a much smaller space), so since we finally found ourselves in the old city on Saturday morning, we decided to have breakfast here instead of our normal haunt at the Green House.

Sadly, we were quite disappointed. It wasn't just the shabbiness of the place, (we have eaten good food at far shabbier places) it was just that the food wasn't as great as it was touted to be.

Seems to be that Chandravilas is living on past glory and reputation like Delhi's parathewali galli.

The jalebis were the only dish we could even consider ordering a second round of. We tried their well touted fafdas (flat besan fritters) which weren't bad, but the accompanying papaya salad was extremely bland, the kadhi was average, only the accompanying green chilli made it palatable. The patra (coclocasia leaf rolls) was extremely oily, the sev ussal was just piping hot, but did not have much flavour.

Each dish costs about 30Rs or so

Rating : 2.5 / 5

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