Thursday, February 27, 2014

Goodies, Ahmedabad

Opposite ATIRA,
IIM Road,
079 30257202

The first time I visited Goodies was because I heard how much they were revered in Baroda. I had a lovely Cafe Latte and an extremely interesting wafer per eeddu (eggs fried over a base of potato wafers/chips - 130/-), I even had some Parsi chicken curry and rice (220/-) and it was all very tasty.

However, on my second visit with my husband, which was over a weekend, the service was extremely slow and they forgot his main course (which didn't arrive for over 30 minutes and I had finished my main course by then) so he wasn't happy with his experience.

The food is good, but its best to visit when it isn't too crowded, unless you don't mind a long wait for your food.

On a later occasion, we went to Goodies for lunch today, since both buzz in town and timescity had posted an advertisement that Goodies was having a seafood festival from 25th Oct to 1st November (2013).

Buzz in town said "Seafood Festival at Goodies Cafe. Fish Korma, Fish Moilee, Fish Pakora, Fish Tikka, Fried Fish, Indian Fish Curry, Prawn Chilli Fry & Prawns Masala etc. " and TimesCity said " If good food pep ups your mood, then drop in at Goodies cafĂ© for sea food feast. The venue brings a special ‘sea food festival’ for its patrons wherein they can enjoy a large variety of sea food cooked into wonderful recipes. Choose from sea jewels like fish, prawns, lobsters and crabs that will not only tingle your taste buds but will also give a taste of the real flavors of the sea. So head to the venue and pamper your heart with some marine delights."

Me and my sister were really looking forward to have some fresh fish, prawns and lobster, so we got really excited when we saw these advertisements and headed to Goodies for lunch.

Sadly when we arrived, we were told that there was no such festival going on and they only had their regular menu on offer.

So, we just had some wafer pe eedu and chicken tawa biryani (230/-) washed down with cold coffee (90/-). Food was good, but we were disappointed to not get any seafood specials.

Later in December, I took my parents to Goodies, to give them a taste of Parsi food. Unfortunately most of the Parsi items weren't "available" that day, including the wafer pe eedu that I especially wanted them to try. I then asked for a grilled chicken salad (150/-), but even that wasn't available. I asked for one of the other salads - the chicken and mayonnaise salad without the mayonnaise - but they said that wasn't possible as the mayonnaise was already mixed into the chicken.

This continued for quite awhile, we ran down the list of pizzas, burgers, sandwiches etc, with them claiming more than 8-10 dishes weren't available. We made the best of what we could, but after this we definitely aren't going back to Goodies.

We have found that their service, food and standards have been steadily dropping over the last few months, so something will have to improve drastically before we go back.

Rating : 2 / 5

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