Sunday, February 23, 2014

So South, Satellite, Ahmedabad

So South
Opposite Wide Angle Multiplex,
Behind Celebration PArty Plot
Next to Karnavati Club,
S G Highway,
+91 9099000981

Wanted to have So South's dosas as snacks this evening, but didn't want to brave the traffic of Alpha Mall on a Sunday evening, so we decided to try the outlet on SG Highway.

They've just opened a month ago and we were the only people there, so service was a little slow while they got their dosa pans prepped. However, the open air setting is lovely and ideal in this weather. Surrounded by trees on all sides, the chirping of birds and the fresh breeze was extremely soothing.

The dosas were good, but not as good as the outlet near Alpha One Mall. The final balance of flavours left just a little bit to be desired.

We had the mushroom jini dosa, roast paneer tukda bhaji dosa, the maggi stuffed dosa and the butterscotch caramel dosa with chocolate icecream. Husband quite enjoyed the maggi dosa and the other unusual combinations. He also felt this was one of the better sambhars served in Ahmedabad. However the highlight of the evening for his was the dessert dosa. He felt that this slightly salty dosa was a better combination with ice cream than a regular cone.

Do head here before the weather gets too hot to sit outdoors.

Rating : 3.5 / 5

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