Saturday, February 01, 2014

Canadian Donut Co. Ahmedabad

Canadian Donut Co.
A 1/2, Sankalp Building,
Opp. Corporate House,
Opposite Choice Restaurant,
Judges Bunglow Road,
079 40071525

I'd had a lousy day with none of my jobs on my "to do" list getting crossed off inspite of my best efforts, so what I really needed to get out of the horrible feeling was a good chocolate fix and since I was passing by this area, the choice was between 2 dessert places on my wishlist. Canadian Donut Co and Melt In. Given that the weather was too cold to have an icecream, I stepped into CDC.

The interiors are nice and clean - I loved the white and bright red combination - and the staff behind the counter are extremely helpful. They told me that by liking a couple of pages online I could get discounts at Canadian Donut Co. (facebook and mydala or something like that) I however, wanted 2 doughnuts and a cold coffeeish drink and there was a lovely combination of 2 doughnuts + drink for 175. Given that the doughnuts are around 55 each and the hazelnut shake was 110, this was a good offer.

I tried the Irish Cream doughnut which was very good. Since it was a filled doughnut, the centre was nice soft and gooey. However the hazelnut centered one was a little on the drier side. I prefer center filled donuts, but they did have regular donuts too in various flavours - chocolate seemed to be predominant though.

They had a pizza flavour and cheese flavour doughnut too, but I wasn't in THAT adventurous a mood.

The donuts are nicely laid out and look colorful and bright in the display units. There aren't too many kept on display, so I hope that means that they are made fresh repeatedly and not left languising in the cases. The staff were also dipping & rolling donut holes, while I sat there sipping my drink, but I did not see them on the menu.

CDC offers an exciting new option in Ahmedabad's Dessert scene, but they aren't as good as Mad Over Donuts (who promised to arrive at Alpha Mall, but sadly changed their plans)

Rating : 3.5 / 5

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