Monday, February 06, 2012

Bawarchi Kolkata, Agartala

Bawarchi Kolkata
4 Mantribari Road
Ph: 94361 2322

Bawarchi is a small restaurant that specialises in Calcutta style street food. The entry way was piled with mountains of onions, so I was a little wary about entering the unseen restaurant alone, but the moment I entered, I knew I had no need to worry.

The decor is faded and peeling, but the staff is very courteous and helpful. On discussion with the waiter, I ordered a mutton biryani (140/-)and chicken handi masala (160/-) for lunch. The food arrived hotter than anything I have been served recently.

The biryani was fragrant and tasty, but the mutton was just a piece of meat that had been boiled in a broth. The potato in the biryani was much tastier. Coupled with the boiled egg served atop the rice, the mutton was completely irrelevant to the biryani. It would have been better if it hadn't been inserted into the plate at all. The Biryani was Calcutta style and hence no masala in the actual biryani.

The boneless handi masala chicken had a thick gravy with a melange of spices that complimented the biryani perfectly.

With a bottle of water and a soft drink, the total bill was just 340/-

Bawarchi serves all the Bengali street food staples like kathi rolls and chops and I'd have liked to try some of them, but I was already too stuffed. They have a street food type counter on the outside, which was the long onion and dough filled corridor that I had walked through. It seems that in the evenings, they do brisk business selling rolls & other Calcutta style street food snacks.

This is a place I'd definitely recommend if you are visiting Tripura.

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