Saturday, February 04, 2012

Hotel Shankar, Agartala

Hotel Shankar
Netaji Subhash Road
Ph: 238 5195, 94361 20457

Hotel Shankar is a small 6 table restuarant on Netaji Subhash Road in Agartala. Given that the hotel has been recommended in the Lonely Planet, 2 more restaurants have set up shop next door with similar sounding names. The original is the left most hotel (as of Feb 2012)

We had read and heard good things about Shankars, which was why we headed here. We were served the standard meal which for the day was rice, dhal and aloo laccha. Unfortunately the aloo laccha was stone cold and the dhal and rice weren't very hot either. Hence they weren't very tasty either. (cold rice tastes like glue)

We asked for a side dish of chicken which came in a small bowl, this however was served hot and had some spices in it, which made it more edible.

When it was time for our bill, there was a long discussion at the billing counter and we were finally presented a bill for 230Rs. While this may not seem like a lot, given the rates in Guwahati and Tripura, it was double what we expected. Since they did not have an English menu, we did not argue with them, but just quietly paid up and left.

We were later told that what we shold have eaten there was the Hilsa fish that comes in fresh from Bangladesh daily. But given our bad experience the first time, we just did not feel like returning.

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