Thursday, February 09, 2012

Le Chocolat, Guwahati

Le Chocolat
M C Road
Opp Navarang Cultural Club

I first tasted a cake from Le Chocolat and a friends kids birthday party. I immediately HAD to find out where it was from, as the cake was so creamy and tasty without being heavy on the tongue.

She told me it was from Le Chocolat and hence I found myself heading there within a week.

The exterior was simple, clean and neat and the interor was colourful and smelt lovely.

Le Chocolat has a single counter split into two. The left holds sweet items and the right has savoury items. Among the savoury items, vegetarian and non-vegetarian (chicken) occupy seperate rows. I tried the herbed chicken sandwich and the lemon chicken sandwich which were both very good, but I'm more partial to the lemon variant. There were chicken puffs and pies. Most savoury items are in the 35-50Rs range. We loved the chicken, mushroom, corn pie.

The sweet items have a range of cakes. I tried the praline cake and the mud pie. the praline cake had crunchy bits on the exterior that contrasted with the creamy cake and icing. The mocha mud pie was a bit of heaven. I'm headed there to pick up more of this as soon as I can. These single serve pastries are also in the 35-50Rs range.

She also makes a range of chocolates from Lindt. Non alcoholic chocolates are 15rs and alcohol centered ones are 25 per piece. I loved the Irish cream center chocolates. Most alcohol chocolates we buy from abroad tend to melt before they reach home in India. It was great to be able to eat these chocolates tempered to suit Indian temperatures.

Le Chocolat has plenty of pound cakes, chocolate cakes, fruit cakes and breads (milk, brown) available. The only daunting part is that the bread isn't sliced.

Le Chocolat is definitely one of my 2 favourite bakeries in Guwahati, the other being Loyans.


rupam sarma said...

Thanks for the post.Nice to visit your blog.

Kim said...

Thanks Rupam, your photo blog is very beautiful too.


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