Saturday, February 11, 2012

Khorikaa, Guwahati

1st Floor - Kamal C Plaza
+91 9864982948, +91 9864157454

I'd been wanting to try out Khorikaa for a long time. The first time we went here, it was a Sunday. The line was so long there was a 1 hour waiting period. We left to eat elsewhere and for some strange reason I never went back. But now that its time to leave Guwahati and I'm ticking items off my lists, I HAD to eat at Khorikaa.

Chef Atul Lakhar has a wonderful menu of traditional foods, but the specialty of this restaurant is the khorikaa (BBQ'ed dishes)

I ordered the non veg akhaj (150/-) opting for the chicken khorikaa and the pork curry. The akhaj (thali) also came with yellow dhal, black dhal, paani tenga (like a rasam), aloo pitika aka bharta, tomato chutney, kheer, dry veggies - knol khol & peas, khar - an alkaline curry that the Assamese start a meal with.  It was also served with gondhoraj - local lemons, chillies, jalphai pickle (Indian olives) and kharoli - mustard paste.

I also ordered a Pork dry fry (130/-) on the side. Completely unnecessary, but oh so tasty!. The waiter saw me enjoying my meal so much that he very kindly brought me a complimentary dish of small fish khorikaa.

I'd love to try their specialties of Chicken/pork/fish cooked in Bamboo hollows, boiled fish with colocasia leaves, smoked pork/duck with bamboo shoot pickle and the grilled pork ribs with hot chutney. But these dishes need at least 2 hours notice and since they use slightly hard to find ingredients, its better to order thema a couple of days in advance.

They have vegetarian akhaj's (80/-) and paneer khorikaa (4pieces 70/-) too, but for a vegetarian who can't handle the smell of meat, the BBQing in the open kitchen may be too much to handle.

With a soft drink and taxes, my bill came up to 314/- which is very reasonable considering the vast spread of food I had sampled.

I really wish I had tried Khorikaa out earlier. Its replaced Delicacy as my favourite Assamese restaurant in Guwahati. (My all time favourite is Bhaatbaan in Kaziranga.)

Rating : 4.5 / 5

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