Sunday, February 05, 2012

Gouri Hotel, Udaipur, Tripura

Gouri Hotel,
Central Road
 Ph: 03821 222 419

Some of the more interesting sites of Tripura are in the Udaipur region including the Tripura Sundari / Matabari temple which is supposed to be a Shaktipeeth.

Our local driver told us that Gouri Hotel was the best place to eat. After our bad experience at Shankars the previous day, we weren't too sure, but decided to just grab a bite to refuel before eploring the region some more.

The meal for the day was rice, dhal and baigun bhaja (fried brinjal). Food was served piping hot which was a huge point in their favour. We then noticed some other things getting served, so we requested a katori of cabbage each, which was extremely tasty. We also added on a fish fry and a chicken curry, which were home style soul food.

The driver too ate his meal with some fish and we ordered 2 bottles of mineral water. The bill for 3 meals + 3 extra vegetables + 2 fish + 1 chicken + 2 bottles water came upto 340/- Which reinforced our belief that Shankars hotel in Agartala had simply doubled our bill before presenting it to us.

I'd definitely recommed Gouri for a meal, if you are headed to this region.Don't let the unassuming entry and interiors deter you. The food is light, healthy and tasty.

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