Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Machaan, Guwahati

Dona Planet, 4th Floor
GS Road

0361 2466 158

Machaan is one of the 2 Speciality Restaurant franchises opened in Guwahati and both of them have been our favourites here, since the day we arrived. We kept returning to Mainland China and Machaan time and again because of the wonderful service and excellent quality food.

We often settled for their buffets, because such a wide variety of food was available for us to sample.

The weekday afternoon buffet lunch at Machaan is 350/- with taxes it works out to 414/- Weekday dinners at 395/- pre-tax and weekend buffets are 425/- pre tax. Dinners normally include prawns in the kebab section of the buffet.

The interiors are done up like a jungle with large semiautomaton animals, so you normally find a lot of families with kids at this restaurant. The staff handles the kids quite well and try to keep them from intruding on other diners.

The buffet at Machaan has 5 vegetarian or 5 non vegetarian kebabs that are served fresh at your table straight from the tandoor. A chaat side table offers paani puri and papdi chaat during lunch and sometimes at dinner too. The actual buffet table is loaded with 2-3 vegetarian and 2 non-vegetarain salads. 5 vegetarian main courses (including dal) and 3 non-vegetarian main courses (fish, chicken & mutton). You can definitely expect to find one vegetarian and one non-vegetarian rice/pulao/biryani. Choice of Indian breads include rotis, phulkas and naans.

The dessert table offers ice cream and 4 other Indian sweets. The malpuris with rabdi or ice cream are an all time favourite.

The chaas 70/- and ice tea 60/- are lovely drinks to beat the heat.

From the ala carte menu, we love chappali kebab 310/-, the cheese kulcha 90/- and the dal machaan (kaali dal) 125/- However since the buffet menu is so good, we normally end up just choosing that and add a cheese kulcha or 2.

Rating : 4.5 / 5

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