Saturday, February 25, 2012

Pizza Hut, Guwahati

Pizza Hut
Ground Floor - Dona Planet
GS Road

It had been a long time since we had set foot in a Pizza Hut - around 8 years or so. Given the excellent delivery system of Dominoes in India and Egypt, we did not really look beyond the Pepperoni & cheese medium wheat thin crust, garlic bread and dip and choco lava cake on the days we wanted to indulge on a carb fest. Cairo also had the excellent Maison Thomas, which is one of the few food outlets I miss from that country.

However, Pizza Hut in Guwahati is very conveniently located at Dona Planet and if you are hungry between regular meal times (when Machaan & Mainland China are closed) and are waiting for your movie to start at Cinemax, then this is the only option.

They are also the only location that serves Diet Pepsi in Guwahati.

A quick glance at their menu, showed that it had dramatically expanded since the last time we visited. They now included a large variety of starters and mocktails. The Chicken skewer 12 piece 185/- had 6 piees marinated in a Jamaican jerk mix and 6 in a Thai mix. The Thai mix version was much tastier. Chicken drumsticks can be ordered in a variety of flavours.

The minestrone soup 49/- was average, but the tomato basil soup is excellent for those chilly nights and the times when you are sick and just want a hot bowl of soup.

The accompanying drink mixes were quite bad though. Both the orange mojito 79/- and the chunky apple ice tea 69/- were extremely synthetic tasting and impossible to finish.

For main course, we ordered the Chicken tortilla 109/- which was like a thin crust pizza and the Tuscani pollo haven personal pizza 310/- which was very good.

For dessert we ordered the 3 piece assorted cheesecake 129/- which had the chocolate, blueberry and caramel flavours. However continuing with the theme of the mocktails, these were very synthetic tasting too. I'm not sure if only Guwahati outlet is using inferior quality fruit squashes and toppings or the quality is the same all over India. What I do know is that while I quite enjoyed their starters, tomato soup and pizzas, I'm never ordering a mocktail or dessert here, ever again.

They do add service charge and VAT to the prices.

While Pizza Hut promises home delivery, a lot of the items on the menu aren't home delivered, these include the tastier options of Tomato soups and the newer range of pizzas. In this case, its easier, cheaper and tastier to order from Dominoes.


picture said...

Yummy!!!! Bookmarked the site…

Leah Edwards said...

I love minestrone soup. Your blog has wonderful post. I also love Chicken skewer. Thanks for sharing us.

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Saroj said...

this looks absolutely mouth-watering. i love this food with tomatoes and this looks heavenly! it looks fairly simple too so i should be able to make it. thank you! :)

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manish said...

i completely agree on mocktails and deserts....its "IMPOSSIBLE" to finish it....local vendor might prepare better drinks..!!

Hrishikesh said...

I am a Guwahatian who has returned to the city after 15 years. I can see that restaurants and eateries have mushroomed across the city but not sure which one should be tried out.

Your blog has helped me a lot. I am going to try out some of the places you have mentioned here.


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