Sunday, February 19, 2012

Loyans Bakery & Confectionery, Guwahati

Loyans Bakery & Confectionery
House No 52
F C Road
Uzan Bazar

Ph: 0361 2130123, 97060 13032

Loyans is one of the more recent entries among the bakeries of Guwahati and they have a wide range of sweet & savoury products.

While a plain cake costs 95Rs, a dry fruit cake costs 120Rs, pineapple cake is priced at 375Rs and the more exotic cakes like Butterscotch, Black Forest, Fresh Fruit, Truffle walnut, chocolate fudge and chocolate mudcakes are in the 450-520Rs range. They sometimes have cheesecakes (I've seen blueberry, strawberry & mango in stock) too and these cost 575Rs.

Loyans also offers wedding cakes and eggless cakes.

Savoury items include vegetarian and chicken patties, rolls, croissants and quiches in the 18-45Rs range. Single serve pastries include eclairs, tarts, tiramisu and cheesecake slices are in the range of 28-65Rs. They also sell French bread, garlic bread, multi grain bread, cheese masala bread, American rye bread and whole wheat bread for 30-45Rs. Their cookies cost between 225-370Rs/kg

As far as I know, Loyans is the only place in Guwahati that offers cheesecakes, tiramisu, pies and quiches.

They have a small sit in area (4 tables) at the back of the store, in case you want to sit down and enjoy your pastry hot. They also serve cappucino(35Rs), cold coffee(40Rs) and soft drinks(25Rs).

I've enjoyed many of their biscuits and pastries. The brown & multi grain breads here are the most authentic in Guwahati (I haven't tried Le Chocolat's  brown bread as it doesn't come pre-sliced). I find their quiche a little too eggy in the filling, but on the other hand, they are the only ones offerring it in Guwahati. The rolls are thick on pastry and taste best when eaten fresh rather than re-heated the next day. The rest of the savoury items are very good.

However, my favourite items at Loyan's are their mini chocolate brownies (18Rs each) and their black forest cake (450Rs). Loyans and Le Chocolat are my 2 favourite bakeries in Guwahati.But, Loyan's mini brownies are the among the best I've eaten across the globe and I'm going to miss them.


Anonymous said...

Hi, lovely post! I was wondering, have you come across any shop with liquor chocolates. I has some really awesome ones in Darjeeling a week back and was wondering if they are avaialable in Guwahati

Karishma Pais said...

Liquor chocolates are available at Le Chocolate that is very close to Loyans. Check out the details at :

sangeeta bhattacharjee said...

Hi...That was a lovely bit of information about Loyans and Le Chocolat. Do share a few more things with me. What is the cost for a 1 or 2 pound birthday cake in either of these places? Do they offer home delivery? Actually its my little sister's bday next month and I would like to surprise her. As I stay in New Delhi, it would be really nice if I am able to do this. Your blog was really helpful, do reply soon

Karishma Pais said...

Hi Sangeeta,

Loyans does deliver for sure, but I'm not 100% sure about Le Chocolat. Their phone numbers are provided with each review. It would be best if you called them directly and checked about prices, delivery and payment details (given that you are in Delhi) I'm not sure if they accept online payments.

sunny said...

Hi kim,
A very shit place. m very lucky i got Assamese girl as my wife. but today 6 august was our special day but these people totally ruined my day. M in Punjab this day and my wife in guwahati :( :(. she planned to enjoy this day with her friends and v ordered pineapple cake from this bakery..... they charged me rs 630 570 for cake and 60 for home delivery. At the delivery time the cake was hell.. all the cream was on the pack. Delivery boy said he will exchange the cake. we agreed and payed him all the amount.... 2 hours after v called the reply was V HAVE DELIVERED UR CAKE. WOAH guys... and after hours of quarrel on ph ( as i m not in guwahati) they put me in blacklist........ :( :( all day ruined :( :(................. i have attached receipt... I don't have anyone to say except u viewers...


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